Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have pictures from my Seattle trip over Halloween weekend, Laguna Beach the next weekend and Texas last weekend. It was quite a whirl wind of traveling every weekend for 3 weeks!

McKenzie getting ready for Halloween Trick or Treaters to come to the house.

Brynn was a very cute monkey.

My little spider girl.

Monkey see- monkey do!!

Great pic of Evan and Brooke!

Having fun with ring pops!

The beautiful trees in their neighborhood.

Kenzie having fun in the car.

Brynn ready to fall asleep in the car!

In between Seattle and Dallas I went down to Laguna Beach to see Joanie for the weekend.

Here she is with Allen and their dogs, Maddie and Sophie.

Here is Joanie and Susie McArthur, another dear friend.

Maddie is the sweetest dog ever!!

The view from Joanie's deck off the living room.

On to Dallas the next weekend!!!

Jenna at her last soccer game for the season!

Look at these adorable little soccer players!

Reagan with her friends at Jenna's soccer game.

What a great looking couple! Here Ian and Anayansi are in Ft. Worth- we had a great time playing tourists.

Jenna and Reagan making friends with a colorful cow in Ft. Worth.

Look at the horns on this Longhorn Steer- they walk down the street for the tourists in Ft. Worth twice a day!

The girls at the stockyards in Ft. Worth.

After the stock yards we enjoyed the Water Gardens.

I got to see Reagan in a play at her school- she is in the green dress in the center.

These were all great visits!! I wish I could have spent more time in each place. I am so grateful I was able to go though. I love my granddaughters so much! I love Joanie too and am grateful she is feeling better.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Weekend

I had a great time with Chris and Bill last night going to dinner at the Cosmo Cafe and then seeing "Suds". It was a late celebration for both of their birthdays! They were great to drive out to Sacramento to see me. But then again- I had to book that day with them almost 2 months ago!! They are sooo busy. The play was fun- all music from the early 60's.

Chris and Bill just before the show was to begin.

Sundays are usually very busy for me. I stay busy with church, friends, talking on the phone to my family. Maybe even a church meeting. Today was more quiet than usual. I went to church but only the first hour. I have had a headache for about 3 days and can't seem to kick it so I came home to take a nap. I never made it to nap time but I was able to take it easy. Finally, I knew I needed to do something productive so I planted some flowers I had bought yesterday and put them on my front porch. I am in the process of redoing that area. It desperately needs some color! There is more to come- hopefully next weekend I can put some more out there.

I was able to talk to Cami this morning on Skype and Leigh this afternoon. Everyone else is out and about so didn't get the usual phone visits in. So my provoking thought for tonight is "Am I really in such a hurry to retire????" Not really I guess. If I were totally financially independent than maybe I would think differently! (Lynn- when ARE we going to win the Lotto????) But since I am not, I think about how I might get bored if I did't have work to get up and go to. Because to do much else- takes money!! With working- time is an issue too. Which is mainly what I want so that I can travel to see everyone. But I can't always be traveling- so going to work isn't all that bad most of time. I just wish I could work 10-2 and make the same money!!! Actually things at work aren't all that great these days. AT&T has made it pretty obvious that they want to get rid of their California employees. Tomorrow we find out which 2 people in our group is getting a notice of being let go (with severance). There will be more cuts next year. So it is only a matter of time. In the meantime- I am grateful for my friends at work- and that I have a job to pay for my travels!!

Here is my manager, Debbi, with her daughter and grandson. She brought them in to show us all Britton's new cast on his broken arm! We truly are like family at work.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Season!

The new addition to my office!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's about time!

I gave up on my blog because there was some kind of error on the page. I won't be you with the details of everything that has been going on the past few months- but will try and post a few pictures!

I went to Texas in July for Reagan's baptism. Had such a great visit!!

I love being able to see my cousins in Texas when I go. Kathie and Ike were in town too so that was a great surprise!

One day we went to paint ceramics. Reagan chose a little cupcake trinket box.

Jenna chose a horse and painted it blue and pink!

Ian's family relaxing on the couch the night before I left!

The morning I left to go home- Anayansi and the girls!

Two weeks later Ian came to Sacramento on business so we had a great visit.

He was able to visit old friends- we went to see Kelly and her kids!

In August Ivy turned 2! They had a fun birthday party at the park.

Cami is being great about sending me cute pictures of her pregnancy. Here she is with her friend Katie who is due in October.

Early Sept I went to Redmond to see Brooke and her family. Here is McKenzie waiting in line for kindergarten!

We took the kids shopping. Here I put a ghost headband on Brynn!

McKenzie loves to try on hats!

It was a fun summer- now Fall is upon us.! I will try and be better about posting.......

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is it really July?

Can't believe it is July already. Seriously, where has this year gone? It is 4th of July weekend- and I am not in Coronado. That makes me sad not to be there. I love being in Coronado with lifelong friends. Coronado grads come every year for the All Class Reunion at the Golf Course. Maybe next year. Last year this time Susie and I went to Coronado for my 40th High School Reunion! That was such a blast. this year I did have the next best thing though. Brooke and her family were here for 3 days. I love being with McKenzie and Brynn. Always a lot of fun! We went to Kelly and Marcus's the first night the kids were here. We had a great visit with their family. Chris and Bill were there too which made it even better. Yesterday we went to Bryan and Lisa's- Kenzie played with Ayden and Brynn tagged along- playing with Logan, Ayden's little brother . You can only imagine the chaos that happens with 2 four-year-olds and 2 two-year-olds! They swam, played with a gazillion toys, ate dinner, then Bryan put up the bounce house. I would have loved to have taken pictures but I could not relax enough to think about that. Chasing them around to keep them safe was enough to make me crazy. All of the adults were busy just supervising and refereeing!!! Today I got some quality time with Brynn. Brooke, Evan and McKenzie had people to see and places to go. Late in the afternoon they all headed out to go down see Evan's family for a few days. I will get to see them though for one more night. McKenzie talks to me all the time about how I should just live in Seattle. It is so hard to go so long without seeing them. Anyone want to buy a townhouse????

I finally got my computer issue figured out. I knew it would be no big deal but I just couldn't fix it. Evan sat at my computer for less than 5 minutes and reconfigured what I needed!! I know----- Lynn always makes fun of me for not being able to figure that stuff out. I think I do pretty well most of the time as far as my technology goes. But not really. Oh well- thanks to Evan I can now upload pictures again. So hopefully I will be posting now a little more often. I know that makes all 5 of you happy!! No one reads this anyhow but I this is my journal most of the time now. Need to keep the documentation!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Have I Been Up To????

I haven't posted in FOREVER.......... For the 3 or 4 of you that read this blog I am truly sorry! I have some computer problems and am not able to upload pictures to this blog. Very frustrating!!!!

Lots has gone on the past 6 weeks since my last post- since Cami has gone back to Stockholm. I have been to Seattle twice, been to a Carrie Underwood concert with Barb and Sarah, dealt with a seriously ill cat who is still with me, gotten a new dishwasher and a new kitchen floor installed, visited Kelly and her newborn baby girl, seen some great movies (and some not so great ones), hung out with some great friends, worked a lot, gone to church, lost sleep and found it again......

So stay tuned- hopefully won't take me long to get this picture thing figured out.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not Leaving On A Jet Plane

Cami has been here in California since Friday, April 9th. Her main objective was to spend quality time with Jamie. Most of you know about Jamie- she was in a horrific accident while serving in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan. She is now in a rehab hospital in the Bay Area learning all the basics: how to walk, talk and eat again. Cami has been able to help with her therapies this past week. I was also able to have some quality time with Cami- especially for her 26th birthday! And she was able to see a few friends but for the most part she has been with Jamie, Jamie's friends and her family.

She was supposed to leave today to go back to Stockholm. Her flight was scheduled out of San Francisco early this morning. Well, Mother Nature was busy making other plans.............. Last Thursday a volcano in Iceland erupted throwing the world out of kilter. At least the part of the world that Cami lives in and then some. How do you negotiate with Mother Nature???? You don't! So we wait. She has re-booked her flight to go home next Saturday, the 24th. She will try and do some work for her job remotely. She will spend more time with Jamie. She will miss her sweet husband. I came back to Sacramento to work this week but will be with her again before she leaves. It is hard to not be in control of your own plans!!! What a lesson in patience. Pray for the clouds to dissipate or at least lessen. Oh- and pray for Cami's cold that she caught from me to get better.....